The benefits of waste recycling

The words reduce; repurpose and recycle are words that are heard every day. People are aware that reducing the amount of waste material that ends up in landfills stretches the life expectancy of the site; it also helps to limit the dangerous carcinogens that get into the soil, water table and air. Extending the life of products in the home by passing them on or repurposing them and waste recycling in Exeter are both ideal ways to reduce the amount of waste that finds its way to a landfill.

What benefits are there to recycling?

Consumer consumption is never going to stop, there are only two scenarios; one is we will be inundated with garbage and waste and the other is we will not, there is no grey area, no middle ground. People go to shop; they come home with products wrapped in materials that are candidates for recycling. Putting all this recyclable material in a landfill is not the answer, waste recycling in Exeter is.

There are a number of good reasons to recycle:


Many things in a typical home can be recycled for money. Look around your home; you are bound to spot things that are not being used that can be sold to a recycler, if they don’t chances are they will eventually end up in a landfill. When you turn your trash into cash you help reduce the burden on your community, the more trash that goes into a landfill the more it costs to maintain it, the cost eventually comes from the pocket of the consumer.

Conservation of resources:

The key to effective waste recycling in Exeter is to “think small but act big.” One aluminium can that is thrown out equals a full six ounces in petrol thrown on the ground. The number of aluminium cans that are sent for recycling every year in the UK adds saves the same amount of energy contained in many million barrels of oil.

Energy efficiency:

When you start thinking about the big picture you begin to see the amount of energy that can be saved by waste recycling in Exeter. With the energy expended to recycle 20 aluminium cans, you can only produce one. For further details, you should contact EMS Waste Services today.

Earth friendly:

Landfills pose a danger, perhaps not today but in years to come there is no doubt the liner will deteriorate and the soil will be polluted. The soil leads to underground supplies of water that we drink. Think about it and you will agree; waste recycling is the only answer.

EMS Waste Services are deeply involved with waste recycling in Exeter. When the waste from your home or business arrives at EMS it is separated into recyclable materials and only what is left is taken to a landfill site. Visit for more information.

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